[Gc] Re: SMALL_CONFIG a bad idea? (Was: Understanding why GC'ing increases to the double in time?)

Martin Egholm Nielsen martin at egholm-nielsen.dk
Wed Apr 5 01:26:38 PDT 2006

> I know this thread is dead (thanks!), but my mind keeps returning to 
> your comment below, wondering about its meaning:
>> The only things I noticed where:
>> 1) You seem to be running with a block size of 1K instead of the normal
>> 4K.  That's probably good.  But if that's a consequence of the collector
>> having been configured with SMALL_CONFIG, it might be worth revisiting.
>> (It looks like that's not the case, but ...)

> As I read it, it almost seems like a bad idea running with SMALL_CONFIG?
Well, I see there is a noticable speed difference running with 
SMALL_CONFIG - it's about 20% slower configured this way.

// Martin

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