[Gc] Interface between gc and clients to control conservative scan

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Thu Apr 6 03:23:49 PDT 2006


I need a way to control which shared libraries are conservatively
scanned.  This is because the version of gcj I'm working on does not
require conservative scanning of shared libraries, whereas old
gcj-compiled libraries do.  We need to be able to interwork with these
old libraries.

In my current work I'm using a version of GC_register_dynlib_callback
like this:

int (*GC_has_static_roots)(struct dl_phdr_info * info, size_t size, void *ptr)

static int GC_register_dynlib_callback(info, size, ptr)
     struct dl_phdr_info * info;
     size_t size;
     void * ptr;
  const ElfW(Phdr) * p;


  p = info->dlpi_phdr;
  for( i = 0; i < (int)(info->dlpi_phnum); ((i++),(p++)) ) {
    switch( p->p_type ) {
      case PT_LOAD:
	  if( !(p->p_flags & PF_W) ) break;
	  start = ((char *)(p->p_vaddr)) + info->dlpi_addr;

	  if (GC_has_static_roots && !GC_has_static_roots(info, size, start))

	  GC_add_roots_inner(start, start + p->p_memsz, TRUE);

... and a corresponding function in gcj which looks like this:

int (*GC_has_static_roots)(struct dl_phdr_info * info, size_t size, void *ptr)
  = _Jv_GC_has_static_roots;

static int 
_Jv_GC_has_static_roots (struct dl_phdr_info * info, size_t, void *)

So, this implementation depends on weak sysmbols, which in turn depend
on ELF.  For a more generic implementation, it would be better to have
a registration function in the gc with an interface like this:

static int GC_register_shlib_conservative_scan_callback
   (int (*GC_has_static_roots)(struct dl_phdr_info *, size_t, void *));

Would such an interface be acceptable?


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