[Gc] GC_unix_get_mem on IRIX5

Jean-Baptiste Nivoit jbnivoit at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 16:33:36 PDT 2006

I just stumbled upon the following when reading the code in os_dep.c 
around line 1630 ( not RS6000, not USE_MMAP ):
when the IRIX5 #define is on, i see 2 exits points from that function 
that fail to release the sbrk mutex, which would prevent other threads 
from using sbrk..

I guess on IRIX5 the USE_MMAP option is used, which is why nobody saw 
this as a problem until now (I don't have such a system, i'm just 
inferring this from reading the source code).

Feel free to correct me if i'm mistaken.


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