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> Some more questions regarding weak references.
> Is there a way to ask the GC if a certain address has been 
> allocated by the GC ?
GC_base() != 0 is the easiest way to tell that.

> Do I need to unregister the dissapearing link in the 
> finalizer of the object holding the link ?
Not usually.  The only issue is if the weak pointer object itself is
explicitly deallocated.

> Or is this done by the GC automatically when it collects the link ?

> I'm trying to use this system in Bigloo, and Manuel Serrano 
> tells me using finalizers makes the GC noticeably slower. Is 
> this still true ?
Yes.  That's true for nearly all implementations of Java finalizers as
well.  The collector has to keep a collection of all finalizers in an
explicit data structure.  Thus you're typically performing twice as much
memory allocation, along with lots of other work.  With a generational
collector, things are normally even worse, since finalizable objects are
guaranteed to survive at least one collection.  For some disconcerting
numbers, see slide 8 in my 2005 JavaOne talk:


> Does using dissapearing links enable the same code paths than 
> the finalizers ?
Mostly, though they don't prolong object lifetimes.

> Thank you for your help.
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