[Gc] GC with Solaris on AMD64

Johann 'Myrkraverk' Oskarsson myrkraverk at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 28 17:14:15 PST 2006


As per an earlier mail, 7.0alpha7 does work on Solaris amd64, but does
not seem to work with SunStudio.  It compiles and tests ok with GCC,
but when I try to compile it with cc, gctest seems to fail.  Also,
when trying to use the C++ interface with CC, I get the following

"gc_cpp.h", line 216: Error: Default parameters are not allowed for
operater new(unsigned).

Is that a problem with SunStudio, or GC?

I am using SunStudio 11 (I don't think I've patched it) - and SunOS
5.11, snv_50.

I am willing to try to work on any of this stuff, if I can get some
pointers on what to aim for.


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