[Gc] The difference when setting initial-heap-size and not?

Martin Egholm Nielsen martin at egholm-nielsen.dk
Thu Feb 2 06:19:50 PST 2006


I know I'm jumping all around the scene now, but in the attempt do 
produce GC-dumps for my other news thread I discovered something I found 
When starting my application without an initial heap size, but with a 
maximum heap size, I end up in a steady state with:

***Blocks in use:
--- 8< ---
blocks = 887, bytes = 3801088

However, if I specify an initial heap size of 14megs, the resulting 
steady state says:

***Blocks in use:
--- 8< ---
blocks = 1499, bytes = 6307840

There is no difference between the resulting steady states over 
different runs, and it's reproducable.

Maybe I just don't understand the concept "Blocks in use", but as I read 
it, it indicates the amount of memory actually being referred to by my 
Am I all wrong?

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