[Gc] Illegal instruction x86_64-suse-linux

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Mon Feb 6 11:05:51 PST 2006

Could you provide more details? 

GC version?  Is this gc6.6 or a 7.0alpha version?  Any nonstandard
configuration options?

You should be able to get gdb to give you a stack trace, and to print
the offending instruction.  ("x/5i $pc")  If the instruction is not
suspicious, it would also be interesting to look at the contents of any
registers accessed by the instruction.  I would check the stack pointer
to preclude a stack overflow.

If I had to make a wild guess, it would be that the __builtin_prefetch
expansion used by gcc generates an Opteron-only instruction.  You can
hopefully override that with a gcc option.  If not, we may need to
adjust the definition of the PREFETCH and PRFETCH_FOR_WRITE macros at
around line 1960 in gcconfig.h.


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> The collector "crashes" with an illegal instruction on a
> Xeon processor running  x86_64-suse-linux. The same code 
> works fine on 
> Opterons. Any hint?
> Andrea Cavalli
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