[Gc] Strange issues

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Tue Jan 3 11:43:17 PST 2006

This sounds like it might be another indication that the dynamic library
root scanning algorithm on Windows is still wrong.  Currently the
collector traces only from MEM_IMAGE segments.  An earlier message
suggested that this is wrong for Windows ME, and MEM_PRIVATE should at
least be considered as well.

It would be helpful if you could see if that changes anything.  Search
for MEM_IMAGE in dyn_load.c.  The relevant test in
GC_register_dynamic_libraries() should be fairly obvious.  Instead of
buf.Type == MEM_IMAGE, test for
(buf.type == MEM_IMAGE || buf.type == MEM_PRIVATE).



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> Shiro Kawai wrote:
> > GC only sees the data area as a root set.  In you case
> > I guess oresult is placed in bss area,
> <snip>
> The GC should not (and does not attempt to) distinguish 
> between zeroed data (aka BSS) and loaded data.  Your 
> suggestion may work, but if so then it indicates a bug in the 
> collector.
> Manu, which platform is this occurring on?
> Ben.
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