[Gc] Strange issues

Emmanuel Stapf [ES] manus at eiffel.com
Wed Jan 4 14:40:37 PST 2006

Looking at an old post of mine on the mailing list I realized that I was compiling
the GC without ALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS and did not mention it in my original post.

The post from Hans is the following:
Not entirely, unfortunately.  Without ALL_INTERIROR_POINTERS (really
GC_all_interior_pointers == 0 in newer collector versions), interior
pointers from the heap and static data are not recognized; interior
pointers from the stack and registers still are. 

Could this be my problem? The static data I was talking about contained the value
p + 8 where p is the actual pointer allocated via GC_malloc and I did call
GC_register_displacement (8).

Hope this helps,

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> > It would be helpful if you could see if that changes 
> anything.  Search 
> > for MEM_IMAGE in dyn_load.c.  The relevant test in
> > GC_register_dynamic_libraries() should be fairly obvious.  
> > Instead of buf.Type == MEM_IMAGE, test for (buf.type == 
> > buf.type == MEM_PRIVATE).
> I've tried this but it still does not work. I'll try to 
> investigate further to ensure this is not a bug in my code.
> Regards,
> Manu
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