[Gc] sun solaris and C++ bug

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Fri Jan 20 14:56:29 PST 2006


This is partially, but not completely, fixed in my version.  I expect
the best workaround is to remove the entire

#if defined(sparc) ...

block including the offending code from gc.h.  The comment states that
this works around a Solaris 2.4 bug, which probably just isn't that
interesting anymore.  Let me know whether you run into any problems with
that approach.

I put an alternate fix in my tree for now, but it's getting sufficiently
messy that I would rather just rip this out.  (Trying to mix C++ with
K&R C just isn't much fun, especially since I can't test this code at
the moment.)


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> With GC version 6.6, the GC_INIT macro breaks when compiling 
> a C++ app on a Sparc machine w/ Solaris 9.
> Basically, the "extern end, etext;" is illegal C++ and 
> GC_noop isn't declared anywhere.
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