[Gc] Re: [RFA] PR13946 [2/3] toplevel configure/makefile objc/boehm-gc

David Ayers d.ayers at inode.at
Tue Jan 24 07:35:33 PST 2006

Tom Tromey schrieb:
>>>>>>"David" == David Ayers <d.ayers at inode.at> writes:
> David> I assume that the ChangeLog entry should be added to the top level
> David> ChangeLog.
> No, it would go in boehm-gc/ChangeLog.

Thanks... something must have been wrong with my tab completion settings.

> David> -GC_API void (* GC_finalizer_notifier)();
> David> +GC_API void (* GC_finalizer_notifier)(void);
> Looking through gc.h, I see that it is more usual to use the GC_PROTO
> macro.  Please follow this style.

Indeed, like this?
(Bootstrapped together with the other patches.)

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