[Gc] Weak pointers - strong enough for real-world use?

David Jones dej at inode.org
Sat Jan 28 10:17:05 PST 2006

I was looking at the weak pointer support in the GC.

In the 6.x series, the code for it appears in gcc_support.c, along with a 
bunch of other GCC-specific stuff.  In the 7.x series, the code is not 
present at all, although weakpointer.h is present.

Was this intended solely to support Java's weak pointers in GCJ, or is it 
actually usable in a C++ application?  What can I infer from the absence of 
the implementation code in the 7.x series?

I was considering using weak pointers in a production application, but if this 
functionality is not generally regarded as fit for production, then I need to 

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