[Gc] patch against 6.6 to fix darwin port and memory leaks.

Allan Hsu allan at counterpop.net
Tue Jun 13 20:22:40 PDT 2006

The following patch against libgc 6.6 fixes a libgc on OS X memory  
leak and various OS X mach port leaks that I was trying to fix in Mono.

It looks like libgc 6.7 has a similar vm_deallocate fix for the  
memory leak (and could explain why the Mono SVN version of libgc  
includes the vm_deallocate code), but I was slightly smart and  
reduced the number of calls to current_task() by reusing the same  
value for each of my calls to mach_port_deallocate().

I'm not terribly familiar with libgc, so it would be nice if somebody  
could look this over.

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