[Gc] libgc on Mac OS X 10.4 and Darwin X/86

Allan Hsu allan at counterpop.net
Thu Jun 22 15:50:15 PDT 2006

My patch fixes a mach port leak that should only effect you if your  
code uses threading with a non-fixed number of threads (ie: you start  
and stop threads throughout the life of your process).  If you don't  
use threads, the main thing about libgc6.7 I would be interested in  
is the vm_deallocate() memory leak fix that's was included in 6.7.  
Both the memory leak fix in 6.7 and my mach_port_leak patch against  
6.7 would be trivial to apply to 6.5. I was able to backport both  
fixes to 6.5 in about 5 minutes when I was trying to track down the  
cause of the mach port leak I was experiencing (sorry, but I don't  
have the patched version of 6.5 lying around anymore).

Allan Hsu <allan at counterpop dot net>
1E64 E20F 34D9 CBA7 1300  1457 AC37 CBBB 0E92 C779

On Jun 22, 2006, at 9:07 AM, Andrew Stone wrote:

> Hans, Geoff, Jurg, Allan, Bruce et al mono,
> I was happily using libgc 6.5 built on Mac OS X 10.2 - until I saw  
> Allan's recent patches and the Darwin/X86 port threads when I  
> realized it was time to upgrade. However, libgc6.7, although it  
> builds on intel/ppc 10.4, just isn't working in our product PStill  
> - I get hangs on both intel and ppc. So, I have a few questions for  
> those experienced with gc on Mac OS X:
> 0. We need to be able to deploy to 10.3 and 10.4 Universal - has  
> anyone gotten these working in all three configurations?
> 1. We just want a static lib to link against - how do I get it NOT  
> to build the dylibs?
> 2. How can I turn off thread support to see if that helps?
> 3. Any other hints for me?
> Thanks!
> Andrew
> andrew at stone.com - https://www.stone.com
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