[Gc] bug when using GC under g++ 4.1.0

Michael Vanier mvanier at cs.caltech.edu
Thu Mar 2 16:44:49 PST 2006

There's a tiny, easily fixed bug in the file gc_cpp.h that shows up when 
compiled using g++ 4.1.0 (but not in earlier versions).  On lines 182-184:

      inline void gc::operator delete[]( void*, void* );
#   endif

gives an error:

gc_cpp.h:183: error: extra qualification 'gc::' on member 'operator 
delete []'

If I change it to:

      inline void operator delete[]( void*, void* );
#   endif

everything works.  I'm not enough of a C++ expert to assess the 
significance of this, so could some real experts comment?


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