[Gc] Thread and Win32

jim marshall jim.marshall at wbemsolutions.com
Mon Mar 20 10:32:51 PST 2006

 This is just a question, I am not having any specific problems....

I've been doing Linux/Unix programming for about 5+ years now, 
previously I did Windows programming. We are now porting our application 
(which uses the GC) to Windows (what fun - since we had no plans to do 
this). I noticed in the Win32 readme, for the GC, a note stating that 
the Win32 "CreateThread" API is used to start new threads, and also 
found it being called in the source code. While I am not noticing any 
problems (our port is working fine on Windows, and I presume most 
peoples ports work fine with the GC), I am curious as to why 
_beginThread or _beginThreadEx is not being used on Win32?

Specifically I have read (for example: 
https://www.microsoft.com/msj/0797/multithreading.aspx)  that any program 
that utilizes the C RunTime should use the _beginThread* api's so that 
the CRT can initialize any TLS/TSD it uses.

Since no one seems to be running into a problem, it is probably not a 
real issue. I just thought I would ask.

Jim Marshall

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