[Gc] Using multi-threaded GC when not in control of thread creation

Tassos Hadjicocolis txat at als.gr
Thu Mar 23 22:08:22 PST 2006


We have developed an application that uses GC (statically linked). Our
application is in the form of a dynamic library and we now want to make
it thread-safe, as the client applications that will be linking against
it will now be invoking our API under several threads. The problem is
that we have no control over thread creation (handled entirely by the
client application). I understand that this is a problem in the current
stable GC version, which requires use of GC calls to create threads. Is
this right and, if so, is there a way around it (e.g. registering
threads with GC after they are created)?

I would hate to think we need to give up GC in order to achieve
thread-safety for our dll.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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