[Gc] Experiences/Issues on Windows with Visual Studio/C++

glauco at virgilio glauco.masotti at virgilio.it
Thu May 4 01:07:01 PDT 2006

Hello Martin.
I used the GC on various version of Windows in a number of occasions in latest years. 
I am now using it in XP with VC++ 6.0 (with all the SP installed).
I am linking the GC by means of a static library built almost like yours. I am using the following flags:
and linking with runtime multithreaded libraries, as this seems slightly faster than single threaded,
although I am not using threads and I didn't experiment with them.
I didn't have the problems you reported, perhaps because I am using plain C.
You may want to read also my recent post: "why USE_MUNMAP isn't the default for the collector? (repost)"
(if it will appear) where I describe some details of my recent experience with the GC.
Best regards,
--- Glauco Masotti

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