[Gc] Experiences/Issues on Windows with Visual Studio/C++

Alexander Petrossian (PAF) Alexander.Petrossian at teligent.ru
Thu May 4 01:24:41 PDT 2006

glauco at virgilio @ Thursday, May 4, 2006 12:07:01 PM:
gv> I am linking the GC by means of a static library built almost like yours. I am using the following flags:

Would like to share my experience:
IF there is no much need for INTERIOR_POINTERS, one should NOT define it.

In my project that caused lot's of accidental pointer retentions, GC took for pointer a GUID which are heavily used by the system. Regretfully, I had no easy way to instruct GC not to treat it like that [I know, there are ways to do that].

General idea: if you KNOW that in your project there are NO INTERIOR POINTERS, there's no need to switch that ON.

Alexander Petrossian, Software Developer, Teligent Russia

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