[Gc] nobody out there has experienced with USE_MUNMAP?

Glauco Masotti glauco.masotti at virgilio.it
Fri May 12 09:46:38 PDT 2006

Thanks to Hans and Andrew for replying .

In my first post I also submitted some snapshot of the memory monitor, which went lost apparently, although I sent the 
message also to Hans's address.
I may send these images to you again if possible, because they show clearly what happens.
Trying to explain it in words is this:
1) if I don't use USE_MUNPAP, the memory allocated to my application grows almost monotonically and stays high until I 
close the application,
it may get to some hundreds of MB and to use of virtual memory, thus smashing program performance.
2) If instead I use USE_MUNMAP the total memory assigned to my application grows and shrinks as required and stays 
bounded to about 150-200 MB,
thus never requiring the use of virtual memory.

Do you have any explanation for this or suggestions to deal with this in another way?

But after all USE_MUNMAP seems to work, although if it's implementation is not great, as Hans says,
and I could observe just a small (1-2%) penalty in final execution time.

--- Glauco Masotti

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