[Gc] Troubles with a custom mark procedure

Ludovic Courtès ludovic.courtes at laas.fr
Fri May 26 09:04:43 PDT 2006


In my program, I use an object "kind" that has a custom mark procedure
(using `GC_new_kind ()', `GC_new_proc ()', etc.).

Basically, it all works well on IA32 and PPC, but on SPARC64, the mark
procedure is soon passed the address of an object that was never
allocated for this kind (I added a `printf' call right after the
`GC_generic_malloc ()' call for this kind, and one at the beginning of
the mark procedure).  At first sight, the faulty address is not even a
pointer within an object of this kind.

I failed to reproduce this problem with a simple example, which confirms
that it's certainly my fault.  Anyway, does anyone have hints as to
what might be failing?

Also, in `gc_mark.h' what's the different between the regular functions
and their `_inner' variant?


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