[Gc] Re: Hang/SIGSEGV Problems on Solaris

Alexander Petrossian (PAF) Alexander.Petrossian at teligent.ru
Tue May 30 04:13:02 PDT 2006

Vrushali @ Tuesday, May 30, 2006 12:00:47 PM:
V> Does anybody know how to port an application
V> written in Solaris 2.9 to Linux platform?

to start: 
forget about urgency if you're porting something nontrivial.

about sigsegv in with libgc:
in all my experience with libgc 
	[2 heavy libgc projects (both multiplatform), ~4 years of debugging memory-related aspects]

ALL ALL ALL sigsegv problems were my LOCAL -- they had nothing to do with libgc code.

Grab yourself together, 
rent some patience, 
open this precious document:
and find/kill the bug.

Alexander Petrossian (PAF), Software Developer, Teligent Russia

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