[Gc] Re: Can GC return unused pages to the OS?

Petter Urkedal petter.urkedal at nordita.dk
Sat Nov 4 04:02:23 PST 2006

>> You are right that this is currently only supported by Makefile.direct.
>> A patch to configure.in to support USE_MUNMAP would be welcome, but I
>> haven't gotten around to it yet.
> I can write this up.  What is the preferred way of making this
> configurable when compiling gcj (since gcj's configure invokes
> boehm-gc's configure)?

The Autoconf way is to use AC_ARG_ENABLE to define an option, say
--enable-munmap, and either put an AC_DEFINE(USE_MUNMAP, 1, ...) in this
macro invocation, or wrap it in an if-test on $enable_munmap, but you
probably knew that.  I can't speak for gcj, but Autoconf-produced
configure-scripts will pass options down to sub-projects it configures
so that all options are available from the top-level ./configure.

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