[Gc] Out of Memory! Returning NIL!

Simon Tsai mtsai at adobe.com
Tue Nov 14 11:00:18 PST 2006

After debug, I found the following information's:


GC_collect_or_expand(needed_blocks, ignore_off_page)


    blocks_to_get = 4096;






bytes = n * HBLKSIZE; 

    bytes = 4096 * 4096 = 16777216;





Why blocks_to_get grow so big? Is any way to reduce this number? From
Task manager, I saw VM size grow to 1.9 GByte. 







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It would be useful to look at a more complete GC log (either define the
GC_PRINT_STATS environment variable, or compiler the collector without


Assuming your application normally uses much less than 1 GB, possible
causes are:


1) You are allocating large objects containing seemingly random
bit-patterns.  If that's the case, these may appear to the collector to
be pointers.  The C++ proposal addresses this issue with declaration
that allow the implementation to use type information.  For now, the
standard solution is to make sure GC_malloc_atomic is used for those
objects.  You should see this as very little memory reclaimed by the GC
and regular heap expansions, with a large final heap size.


2) You are internally using some form of custom allocation by obtaining
pools of objects from the collector.  This is generally not a good idea
with a garbage collector.  Symptoms will probably be similar.


3) This is caused by a single huge allocation request due to memory
corruption.  This should be apparent form the log.


4) Something else.





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	I have integrated gc 6.8 library with my applications under
Windows XP. My system has 1GByte memory. Our application has used smart
heap. The application is muti-thread.  I saw gc.log has following erros:


	"Out of Memory!  Returning NIL!" and 

	"GC Warning: Thread stack pointer 0x5c9f018 out of range,
pushing everything".



	Does anyone know what cause this problem and how to fix it?







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