[Gc] Status of gc on Mac OS X - gc_cpp issue

Renaud Blanch renaud.blanch at imag.fr
Wed Oct 4 08:00:35 PDT 2006

Le 29 sept. 06 à 15:01, Renaud Blanch a écrit :

> Le 28 sept. 06 à 23:02, Boehm, Hans a écrit :
>> 2) It looks like test_cpp is invoking the system free when it  
>> shouldn't.
>> The next step here would be to look at the stack trace when the error
>> message is printed to see where the free call is coming from.  This
>> looks like a problem that's specific to the gc_cpp.h C++ interface,
>> probably related to replacing ::new and friends.
> Provided the patch above, make check reports "All 5 tests passed"  
> when configured with --enable-threads=posix and --enable-cplusplus.
> However, there is still a bunch of line like this in the output :
> test_cpp(23980) malloc: ***  Deallocation of a pointer not  
> malloced: 0x4640f8; This could be a double free(), or free() called  
> with the middle of an allocated block; Try setting environment  
> variable MallocHelp to see tools to help debug

after looking at the stack trace, it seems that free call is  
triggered at the end of test_cpp when deleting the uncollectable As  
(tests/test_cpp.cc, line 264).
apparently, this is the only call to free.
any hints ?


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>>> Subject: [Gc] Status of gc on Mac OS X running on intel proc ?
>>> Hello,
>>> I was successfully using gc6.8 on a PPC PowerBook and on a
>>> dual G5 Mac running Mac OS X version 10.4.
>>> I switched to an Intel dual core MacBook Pro a few weeks ago.
>>> Basic make check reports failures on Mac OS X while it works
>>> fine on the same machine running linux (ubuntu with a SMP kernel).
>>> Has anybody reported similar problems or conversely reported
>>> success in using the gc on intel (dual core) based machine
>>> running Mac OS X ?
>>> Thanks.
>>> In case it helps, you will find below the configure and make
>>> check logs for gc6.8 & gc7.0alpha7 for both linux & Mac OS X runs.
>>> I will happily collaborate with people motivated to provide
>>> patch to the gc in order to make it work for intel macs.
>>> If some body can point me in the right direction, and give me
>>> some hints, I am also motivated to contribute !
>>> regards,
>>> Renaud

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