[Gc] Re: heapsize == blocks_in_use_bytes * 40

Adam Megacz megacz at cs.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 12 13:51:26 PDT 2006

Thank you for your quick reply!

> You really want to put a breakpoint in GC_expand_hp_inner and try
> to understand from the stack trace why the heap is growing.

Excellent advice.

> You want to ignore the initial "reasonable" heap expansions, and
> look at one of the last ones.  If your application allocates and
> drops very large arrays, this sort of thing can happen due to
> fragmentation.

Well, there are quite a few rapid array allocation/deallocations in
the ~3mb range.  These are certainly large arrays, but could they
cause fragmentation-leakage on the order of >160mb?

> (-DUSE_MUNMAP may be a workaround.)

Is this supported on Win32?  I had to kludge it a bit to get it to
build, but it doesn't appear to be doing anything.

>> The GC reports the heapsize (which I interpret to mean the quantity of
>> memory allocated from the OS) to be 160MB, yet the "bytes=" line
>> (which I interpret to mean the amount of memory allocated by the
>> application) as around 4.5mb.

Could you confirm that my understanding of the "bytes=" line is
correct?  Does that line from the GC log really indicate the number of
GC-heap bytes that have been allocated to the application?  It seems a
bit low in this situation, but I guess that could be because we're
used to assuming the ~160mb is actual usage.

Thanks again for your help,

  - a

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