[Gc] SIGSEGV in mark.c:759 (GC6.8/linux)

Alec Orr Alec.Orr at wbemsolutions.com
Thu Sep 21 23:57:04 PDT 2006


Thank you kindly for your replies!  We do have other threads running, but none
being created or ending (we have 2 long lived threads for now).  I couldn't find 
a USE_PROC_FOR_LIBRARIES defined in our gc headers.  We built GG 2.8 with
assertions, full debug and POSIX threads using the configure script.

The 'limit' always lies outside any address range /opt/<proc>/maps.

You mentioned that "You can also determine fairly easily what the size of the 
offending object is, which might tell you something"

Can you point me in the right direction on how to I can fetch this?

Thanks again for your time,

(gdb) print (void*)limit
$2 = (void *) 0x4166a308
(gdb) bt
#0  GC_mark_from (mark_stack_top=0x8051250, mark_stack=0x80510a8, 
mark_stack_limit=0x80590a8) at mark.c:759
#1  0x4002c380 in GC_mark_some (cold_gc_frame=0x40646b10 "") at mark.c:361
#2  0x400220c0 in GC_stopped_mark (stop_func=0x400214f0 <GC_never_stop_func>) at 
#3  0x4002241a in GC_try_to_collect_inner (stop_func=0x400214f0 
<GC_never_stop_func>) at alloc.c:378
#4  0x40022726 in GC_collect_or_expand (needed_blocks=1, ignore_off_page=0) at 
#5  0x40028900 in GC_alloc_large (lw=599, k=1, flags=0) at malloc.c:62
#6  0x40028c8a in GC_generic_malloc (lb=2394, k=1) at malloc.c:206
#7  0x40028f74 in GC_malloc (lb=2394) at malloc.c:333
#8  0x40024bd6 in GC_debug_malloc (lb=2375, s=0x400d3fe8 "src/apiext.c", i=132) 
at dbg_mlc.c:492
#9  0x40024eb9 in GC_debug_realloc (p=0x8176010, lb=2375, s=0x400d3fe8 
"src/apiext.c", i=132)
     at dbg_mlc.c:903
#10 0x400bae7f in int_reallocMemory (pFunc=0x402ff30d "src/cimxml_schema.c",
     pFile=0x402ff30d "src/cimxml_schema.c", pLine=6396, vptr=0x8176010, 
size=2375, heap=0)
     at src/apiext.c:132
#11 0x402e3473 in doMarkup (
     newstring=0x8176010 "Indicates the current status(es) of the element. 
Various health and operational statuses are defined. Many of the 
enumeration&apos;s values are self- explanatory. However, a few are not and are 
descri"..., markupString=0x40646d46 "t") at src/cimxml_schema.c:6395
#12 0x402e33e2 in markupReservedXters (
     str=0x81e8010 "Indicates the current status(es) of the element. Various 
health and operational statuses are defined. Many of the enumeration's values 
are self- explanatory. However, a few are not and are described i"...) at 
#13 0x402d42d2 in pcdata_encodeformat (value=0x8137f10) at src/cimxml_schema.c:429
#14 0x402d4c16 in cim_value_toxml (value=0x8137f10) at src/cimxml_schema.c:867
#15 0x402da6bd in cim_qualifier_toxml (qual=0x8137ee8) at src/cimxml_schema.c:3079
#16 0x402d9e46 in qualifierlist_toxml (qlist=0x8137fb0) at src/cimxml_schema.c:2843
#17 0x402dc2e0 in cim_propertyarray_toxml (prop=0x8139ee8) at 
#18 0x402d9d46 in propertylist_toxml (plist=0x80ad3f8) at src/cimxml_schema.c:2795
#19 0x402d9a4d in cim_class_toxml (cls=0x80a7190) at src/cimxml_schema.c:2723
#20 0x402e2821 in cim_ireturnvalue_toxml (methodname=0x8061970, 
iretlist=0x8154e70, qtlist=0x0)
     at src/cimxml_schema.c:6076
#21 0x402e16ba in cim_imethodresponse_toxml (methodname=0x8061970, 
iretlist=0x8154e70, qtlist=0x0,
     error=0x0) at src/cimxml_schema.c:5676
#22 0x402e076d in cim_simplersp_toxml (methodname=0x8061970, retval=0x0, 
retlist=0x8154e70, qtlist=0x0,
     error=0x0, bIntrinsic=1) at src/cimxml_schema.c:5346
#23 0x402c6c44 in CIMOMhdle_getClass (msgData=0x80a4f60, pHandle=0xbfffd790) at 
#24 0x402bf838 in CIMXML_RequestMessage_Handler (
     xmldocument=0x8088ab0 "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\r<CIM 
CIMVERSION=\"2.0\" DTDVERSION=\"2.0\"><MESSAGE ID=\"2006:8:22:2:0:33:29:172\" 
NAME=\"GetClass\"><LOCALNAMESPACEPATH><N"..., header=0x80a4fb0, 
pReserved=0xbfffd790) at src/cimxml.c:625
#25 0x40464149 in websCIMXMLHandler (wp=0x80e8178, urlPrefix=0x80dc3d0 "/CIMOM", 
webDir=0x80dc3e8 "",
     arg=0, url=0x80e8058 "/CIMOM1", path=0x822f8b0 "/CIMOM1",
     query=0x80df560 "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\r\n<CIM 
CIMVERSION=\"2.0\" DTDVERSION=\"2.0\"><MESSAGE ID=\"2006:8:22:2:0:33:29:172\" 
NAME=\"GetClass\"><LOCALNAMESPACEPATH><"...) at cimom_url_handler.c:184
#26 0x40453c0a in websUrlHandlerRequest (wp=0x80e8178) at ../handler.c:288
#27 0x40460365 in websReadEvent (wp=0x80e8178) at ../webs.c:511
#28 0x40458591 in websSSLReadEvent (wp=0x80e8178) at ../websSSL.c:801
#29 0x40458533 in websSSLSocketEvent (sid=1, mask=2, iwp=0x80e8178) at 
#30 0x40457473 in socketDoEvent (sp=0x80e8a18) at ../sockGen.c:939
#31 0x4045730d in socketProcess (sid=1) at ../sockGen.c:881
#32 0x40463a70 in startListening () at main.c:429
#33 0x404633f9 in startHTTPS (pReserved=0xbfffd790, pMutex=0x40445640, 
     pWorked=0x40445690 "") at main.c:148
#34 0x40442982 in newThread (pHandle=0x80c5c28) at src/cimxmls_httpCPA.c:384
#35 0x40034b8e in GC_start_routine (arg=0x80cf5e0) at pthread_support.c:1212
#36 0x4010c2b6 in start_thread () from /lib/tls/libpthread.so.0
#37 0x420de407 in clone () from /lib/tls/libc.so.6

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