[Gc] Re: Naming of debug version libraries

Achilleas Margaritis axilmar at otenet.gr
Fri Dec 7 02:49:03 PST 2007

O/H Boehm, Hans έγραψε:
> At least on Linux, I don't see much of a convention along these lines.  Do you have examples?  Where you referring to a particular platform?
> Hans
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>> Wouldn't it be preferable to suffix the debug version library
>> with 'd'?
>> since it's pretty much an established principle nowadays for
>> almost every library out there.
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To tell you the truth, my target platform is Windows (not because of 
preference, but because of contracts). Almost all debug versions of 
libraries these days, under Windows, come with a 'd' suffix at the end, 
making it easy to link them against the debug version of a program. Some 
examples: wxbase28d.lib (wx widgets), alld.lib (allegro (its simplicity 
helps built some nice custom UIs)), all Microsoft's libs (msvcrtd.lib, 
etc) and many others.

I've got to write a new version of an application for our client. The 
previous version had some huge memory management problems (a million 
lines of 10-year old C++ code modified several times can't practically 
survive without these problems) which I plan to solve using your gc.

The problem is that Visual Studio 2005 insists to deny running the debug 
version of any program linked to the release version of gc.lib.

The project files will be given to the client, so I can not mix debug 
and release versions of libraries (client requirement).

All the above means that I am stuck: either I don't use the gc and try 
to do my best with manual memory management or some magic hand renames 
the debug targets with a suffix...

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