[Gc] Instructions for compiling the gc under VC8-win32

Achilleas Margaritis axilmar at otenet.gr
Sun Dec 9 14:37:34 PST 2007

After lots of digging and poking around files (makefiles, source code 
files, text files), I finally found out how to compile the library for 
use with VC8. Here are the instructions:

1) open a console window
2) go to the directory of the gc
4) type vcvars32.exe; it must be in the path
5) type nmake nodebug=1 CFG="gc - Win32 Release"

Mr Boehm, please fix the distribution! put the sources in separate 
files, put the object files in a separate directory, isolate 
platform-specific files in their own directories, make project directory 
files per platform, write documents which clearly explain the procedures 
for compiling! :-)

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