[Gc] Re: Instructions for compiling the gc under VC8-win32

Achilleas Margaritis axilmar at otenet.gr
Tue Dec 11 12:41:01 PST 2007

O/H Boehm, Hans έγραψε:
> Certainly if someone wants to improve the documentation, I'm all in favor.
> As far as more major restructuring is concerned, that's often trickier than it seems.  I'm not opposed to clear improvements, but some of the current structure actually has reasons behind it.  I'm not anxious to move to the usual "separate platform-dependent code into separate source files" organization, at least not without a fair amount of thought.  It's important to me that code that can be (even partially) shared between even a small number of platforms remains shared.  The thread support code is somewhat factored for different platforms, but not entirely.  There is partial sharing between the generic pthread support and Darwin, for example.  It's not at all clear to me that there is a better way to restructure this without major code duplication.
> My other major constraint, as is probably apparent from my occasional unresponsiveness, is that I have limited time to invest in this.  Again volunteers are welcome.
> As far as building under VC++ is concerned, I generally start a "Visual Studio Command Prompt" window.  That hides the vcvars32.exe step, making this a bit more self-explanatory.  But I agree that the documentation could stand improvement.
> In general, I'm sure the VC++ build process could be improved.  It's not my primary build platform.  Distributing current project files might be an improvement, if we had a maintainer for those.
> Hans
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>> The README.QUICK and doc/README.win32 weren't clear enough
>> for you? If you feel it was not, I am sure Mr. Boehm would
>> welcome a re-written version.
>> Achilleas Margaritis wrote:
>>> After lots of digging and poking around files (makefiles,
>> source code
>>> files, text files), I finally found out how to compile the
>> library for
>>> use with VC8. Here are the instructions:
>>> 1) open a console window
>>> 2) go to the directory of the gc
>>> 4) type vcvars32.exe; it must be in the path
>>> 5) type nmake nodebug=1 CFG="gc - Win32 Release"
>>> Mr Boehm, please fix the distribution! put the sources in separate
>>> files, put the object files in a separate directory, isolate
>>> platform-specific files in their own directories, make project
>>> directory files per platform, write documents which clearly explain
>>> the procedures for compiling! :-)
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Since the gc is the most important piece of software ever written 
(considering how many programming languages use it, and that its primary 
programming language is the most widely used language all over the 
world), I think it's safe to say that you must be paid for what you do.


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