[Gc] Desperately needing GC 7.1

Manuel.Serrano at sophia.inria.fr Manuel.Serrano at sophia.inria.fr
Tue Dec 18 01:02:03 PST 2007

Hello there,

As stated in the subject of this mail, I'm desperately needing the GC v 7.1.

I'm actually totally confused with the development model adopted for the GC!  

Indeed, the current stable version, the version 7.0 which is 6 months old 
as a severe problem:


This is a dramatic because it means that all the softwares that relies
on the GC no longer compiles on that platform. This would not be such a
problem if MacOS X was an obscure platform hardly used but today it is
a MAJOR problem...

I know that some patches exist. I know that the current CVS version
most likely fixes this small problem. However, it is NOT POSSIBLE to
rely on a CVS version for releasing a STABLE software! It is
impossible to know if the current CVS version works, if it has been
tested, if it contains experimental code. It is impossible to figure
out its life span. Etc, etc. All in all, using this version is the road to
severe problems if used in a final product.

Hence, we (I allow myself to switch from _I_ to _we_ because I cannot
imagine that I'm the only one facing this problem) need milestones. We
need at some point the GC to be stabilized and official releases
produced. We don't need these versions to contain all the patches that
have been submitted. We only need something that evolves with our new
hardware and new OSes.

So please, I beg it to you: produce these versions from time to time
but on a regular basis. 

Thanks a million in advance.


ps: I hope that no one will read in this mail anything agressive or
rude.  I'm in debt with all of you that are contributing to the GC. In
particular, I known what I owe to Hans for all his effort during all these

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