[Gc] Re: Desperately needing GC 7.1

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Tue Dec 18 06:35:42 PST 2007

>>>>> "Bruce Hoult" <bruce at hoult.org> (BH) wrote:

>BH> For your information, I just downloaded gc-7.0.tar.gz on my Core2 Duo
>BH> MacBook Pro running Leopard and typed "./configure;make;make check"
>BH> and it built fine and passed the tests.

However, there are also other problems with 7.0 on Mac OS X, even on Tiger.
I have experienced lockups in inkscape and w3m, apparently related to the
GC, and I am not alone. Downgrading to 6.8 helped. See
https://www.nabble.com/boehmgc-7.0-td13410364.html#a13419887 and this may
also be related to recent messages about problems with multithreaded
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