[Gc] Mentality of c/c++ programmers when it comes to gc

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There have also been long discussions of this in the C++ standards committee.  In that group there is closer to a balance, with strong opinions on both sides of the question of support in the standard.  That is of course not the same question, since it would always be optional on the side of the programmer.

Part of the problem here is that there are domains in which each of these techniques actually works reasonably well, and others in which they don't.  And there are legitimate concerns about getting all of them to play together in a single application.


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> Hi.
> I've been talking with various c/c++ programmers over the
> globe about the benefits of garbage collection...90% of the
> people I've talked with are negative to using gc. They
> propose memory pools or reference counting as the solution to
> memory management problems.
> The amazing thing is that, although I show to them cases
> where their approach can lead to problems, they still deny
> its usefulness.
> Anyway, that's my rant, I apologize for it. Personally, I
> can't live any more without garbage collection. It literally
> transforms c++ from a language that is complex and difficult
> to a very simple and elegant language. Many thanks to the
> people behind the gc.
> Achilleas
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