[Gc] Has anyone tried the GC on Nokia 770, N800 or arm qemu ?

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Wed Jan 24 14:44:25 PST 2007

My only direct experience is a native build on a Linksys NSLU2.  That
has an ARM processors and works.  But that's a very different
environment.  Posting a stack trace might get you further ...


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> Subject: [Gc] Has anyone tried the GC on Nokia 770, N800 or arm qemu ?
> Hello,
> I'm trying to get the gc to work on the N800 device, which 
> claims to have an
> ARM11 processor. I use the maemo/scratchbox development 
> environment to test the GC. It uses qemu for cross-compiling 
> and emulation of ARM devices.
> Has anyone tried to run the GC on either these devices or the 
> dev environment ?
> It seems to compile fine, but the tests fail:
>  > make test
> setjmp_test ./setjmp_t.c
> ./setjmp_t.c: In function `nested_sp':
> ./setjmp_t.c:57: warning: function returns address of local 
> variable gcc -O -I./include -DATOMIC_UNCOLLECTABLE 
> -DALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS -c ./tests/test.c mv test.o 
> tests/test.o rm -f gctest ./if_mach SPARC DRSNX gcc -O 
> gctest  tests/test.o gc.a -lucb ./if_mach HP_PA HPUX gcc -O 
> gctest  tests/test.o gc.a -ldld `./threadlibs` ./if_mach M68K 
> -UGC_AMIGA_MAKINGLIB -o gctest  tests/test.o gc.a 
> `./threadlibs` ./if_not_there gctest gcc -O -I./include 
> -DSILENT -DALL_INTERIOR_POINTERS -o gctest tests/test.o gc.a 
> `./threadlibs` ^^^^Starting command^^^^ ./setjmp_test This 
> appears to be a ARM32 running LINUX Stack appears to grow 
> down, which is the default.
> A good guess for STACKBOTTOM on this machine is 0xb7ff5000.
> Note that this may vary between machines of ostensibly the 
> same architecture (e.g. Sun 3/50s and 3/80s).
> On many machines the value is not fixed.
> A good guess for ALIGNMENT on this machine is 4.
> Generic mark_regs code may work
> ./gctest
> make: *** [KandRtest] Error 245
> Any idea whether it is supposed to work, and/or where I 
> should start poking ?
> Thanks.
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