[Gc] Has anyone tried the GC on Nokia 770, N800 or arm qemu ?

Stephane Epardaud Stephane.Epardaud at sophia.inria.fr
Tue Jan 30 08:06:10 PST 2007

Making some progress but I'm not sure it makes sense though... I've enabled 
DEBUG_THREADS and (sometimes) it ends like this:

Stopping the world from 0x8011
Sending suspend signal to 0x4000
Sending suspend signal to 0x4010
Suspending 0x4000
Suspending 0x8011

There are three threads 0x8011 0x4000 and 0x4010 but it seems to me that 0x8011 
is getting suspended at a point where it should not be. Not that it sent itself 
the signal either ...

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