[Gc] Has anyone tried the GC on Nokia 770, N800 or arm qemu ?

Zoltan Varga vargaz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 03:00:52 PST 2007


  Mono, which uses a somewhat modified version of the Boehm GC, works
fine on the N800:



On 1/30/07, Stephane Epardaud <Stephane.Epardaud at sophia.inria.fr> wrote:
> Making some progress but I'm not sure it makes sense though... I've enabled
> DEBUG_THREADS and (sometimes) it ends like this:
> Stopping the world from 0x8011
> Sending suspend signal to 0x4000
> Sending suspend signal to 0x4010
> Suspending 0x4000
> Suspending 0x8011
> There are three threads 0x8011 0x4000 and 0x4010 but it seems to me that 0x8011
> is getting suspended at a point where it should not be. Not that it sent itself
> the signal either ...
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