[Gc] Using the GC w/ common x86 compilers.

Dave davejf at frontiernet.net
Mon Jul 23 21:20:43 PDT 2007

I'm considering recommending / supporting the following compilers for 
some code I may be writing using the BDW GC:

MCVC++ v4.0 and greater.
Digital Mars C/C++ v8.0 and greater.
Borland v5.0 and greater.
Intel C/C++ v7.0 or greater

Linux (x86):
GCC v2.9.6 and greater.
Intel C/C++ v7.0 or greater

- Are there any known compiler optimization issues that break the GC 
with any of the above?
- Do any of them (by default) align pointers and/or pack struct / class 
pointer members such that it would break the GC?
- Anyone experience problems on Windows and linux x86_64 platforms with 
contemporary 64 bit compilers?


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