[Gc] Faster to not call GC_free?

jim marshall jim.marshall at wbemsolutions.com
Mon Jun 4 20:25:59 PDT 2007

Boehm, Hans wrote:
> I expect the issue here is that Jim is using debug allocation, which
> does store debug information in the object.  There should really be a
> GC_debug_size() and GC_SIZE() that adjust for this.  There currently
> isn't.  There is s a private DEBUG_BYTES macro that's used to allocate
> the object with the extra space.  Thus the definition of GC_debug_size()
> should be fairly trivial.  A patch would be welcome.
You are correct, I probably should have mentioned that - sorry! I'll see 
if I can figure out a GC_debug_size, but I'm am (sadly) not that 
familiar with the GC code.
> Having said that, I suspect that the overhead of GC_size, plus a
> variable size memset may be starting to approach that of GC_free.  Thus
> I'm not sure this is still a win.
I was wondering that myself but figured I would give it a try. Do you 
think setting the ptr to NULL would be enough?  For example if I define 
intFree as a macro it would be inline and I could just set it to NULL, 
something like

#define intFree(vptr) GC_size(vptr)<=1024?vptr=NULL:GC_FREE(vptr)

At this point I'm just curious, I'll probably just let the code continue 
with it's GC_FREE calls. At least for now as we have a release coming up.

> Hans
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>> On 6/5/07, jim marshall <jim.marshall at wbemsolutions.com> wrote:
>>> for example is there a set size of data that the GC will 
>> add to the ptr?
>>> so I can maybe do
>>> memset(cptr, 0, ptrSize - GC_MEM_SIZE)
>> The GC does not store any data in the objects that it gives 
>> you, and doesn't store any GC data next to them either  It 
>> gives you the same size or slightly larger object than you 
>> asked for.  You can write freely into it.
>> Of course if you put a C++ object in there then you have to 
>> watch out for VTBL pointers, which could be anywhere (with 
>> multiple inheritance).  But you're doing this after you're 
>> sure that you're never going to reference this object again, 
>> right?  So it's fine.
>> The only thing you can't do is clear the object *after* doing a
>> GC_FREE() on it.  It does have a link field in it then.
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