[Gc] Questions about threads with GC 6.8

jim marshall jim.marshall at wbemsolutions.com
Sat Jun 30 11:03:21 PDT 2007

First let me say I appreciate everyones help thus far in my journey to 
optimize our app using the GC! The results have been very good so far.

Let me just outline our process. Our program is a server which 
dynamically loads shared objects from 3rd parties. Our core application 
uses the GC, and all the interfaces the shared objects use to 
communicate with us will use the GC (as they make up-calls to allocate 
objects they have to return to us). However; there is nothing preventing 
these shared objects from allocating memory on their own using the 
normal CRT malloc/free (we are very careful to not mix this memory with 
our memory). It is also possible for the shared objects to create their 
own threads to do background work.

Currently our server is mostly single threaded, by that I mean we start 
a few 'services' in threads, which run in the background to monitor 
stuff but they mostly sit idle (they all use GC memory). We have one 
secondary thread which listens for requests from a client and then loads 
the shared object required. Right now this is the only thread that does 
this (e.g. only one client can talk to us at a time). We will be 
changing this behavior in the near future to allow multiple clients to 
communicate with us, each using their own thread.

So I have a few questions about some flags and documentation I have been 

1 - https://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Hans_Boehm/gc/simple_example.html
 This page shows using the following configure options for threaded apps 
"--enable-threads=posix --enable-thread-local-alloc 
--enable-parallel-mark" . It is unclear to me if these options are for 
the 7.0 alpha or also apply to 6.8 (The GC compiles and seems to work 
with these options n 6.8), however; the real question is, if this is 
valid for 6.8 should these options (sans posix threads) be enabled on 
Windows? If so what are the defines that need to be added to the makefile?

2 - On that same page it suggests using:
> #include "gc_local_alloc.h"
Does this make sense for our application?

 What is this option and what does it do (I looked at mark_rts,c but it 
doesn't seem to do that much)? Previously I sent an email about a 
potential deadlock, when we compiled the Windows GC with this defined 
that hang seems to have gone away. But we don't really understand what 
it does. The weird thing is that the private/gcconfig.h says this option 
should be avoided on Win32 so I am very confused by it fixing our problem.

Again thanks for your perseverance and help!

Jim Marshall

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