[Gc] 7.0alpha and mingw

Romano Paolo Tenca rotenca at telvia.it
Tue Mar 20 16:26:40 PST 2007

I compiled gc 7.0 alpha under Windows XP, Mingw and gcc 3.2.3 like a 
static lib and i have some  problems:

1) uintptr_t is defined in stdint.h which is not included by 
win32_threads.c. For what i can read, "the C99 standard dictates that 
the types uintptr_t and intptr_t be available through #include 
<stdint.h>" (but old mingw systems cannot have stdint.h) (fixed this, 
gctest seems to work).

2) gcc print 2 warnings (assignment from incompatible pointer type and 
passing arg 3 of `_beginthreadex' from incompatible pointer type) in 
GC_beginthreadex when

unsigned ( __stdcall *start_address )( void * )

is used as a value of type:


without a cast.

I think this happens because DWORD is unsigned long and not unsigned int.

3) A question: USE_MUNMAP is not supported by 7.0 alpha under Win32?

Romano Paolo Tenca

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