[Gc] Problem with finalizers

Lothar Scholz scholz at scriptolutions.com
Wed May 2 16:15:37 PDT 2007


i have written a test program that works fine. It just allocates 400
objectes in a loop 200 of them having finalizers. This loop is
repeated many times. No references to create objects are held after
the loop.

Now the strange behaviour:

Without finalizers its fast, but with finalizers the whole app stops
many times in the gc (as i guess) for seconds. Instead of 200 ms it
takes about 22 sec to finish. The finalizer function is empty and
there is no CPU load during the stops.

I'm using version 6.8, static threads on windows.

BTW: do we have a way to call a client function before and after the
gc for logging/debugging ?

Best regards,
 Lothar Scholz              mailto:scholz at scriptolutions.com

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