[Gc] gc7alpha 9 asserts on Solaris x86

jim marshall jim.marshall at wbemsolutions.com
Tue May 15 14:46:01 PDT 2007

We have an application that uses the GC 6.8, it works fine on all 
platforms except x86 Solaris. It has been mentioned that GC7 should fix 
the problem. I wanted to test GC7 alpha 9 and see if it does fix the 
problem. Unfortunately it doesn't.  With GC6.8 the 'make check' would 
fail, now that passes but my program gets an assertion from the GC:

Assertion failure: thread_local_alloc.c:153

assertion failure

Abort (core dumped)

here is the configure I ran, perhaps I am using a wrong value?
./configure --enable-threads=posix --enable-thread-local-alloc 
--enable-parallel-mark --prefix=/files/jim/debug 
--exec-prefix=/files/jim/debug --enable-gc-assertions --enable-full-debug

we can not use REDIRECT_MALLOC as it caused issues with libs that where 
dlopen'd or something ( don't recall exactly why).

here is the uname -a output

SunOS unknown 5.9 on81-fp-stage:10/31/2002 i86pc i386 i86pc

Here is the stack trace.

#0  0xddaef327 in _lwp_kill () from /usr/lib/libc.so.1
#1  0xdd69a4dd in thr_kill () from /usr/lib/libthread.so.1
#2  0xddb50a0e in thr_kill () from /usr/lib/libc.so.1
#3  0xddb054ad in raise () from /usr/lib/libc.so.1
#4  0xddaf02ce in abort () from /usr/lib/libc.so.1
#5  0xdda847f2 in GC_abort (msg=0xdda8e450 "assertion failure") at 
#6  0xdda89847 in GC_malloc (bytes=176) at thread_local_alloc.c:153
#7  0xdda1c3ec in wsi_malloc (pSize=176) at wsimemory.c:31
#8  0xdda1c493 in wsiMemAllocateDebug (nSize=152,
    pszFileName=0xdda32f5c "./src/Linux/wsimoduleLinux.c", nLine=48)
    at wsimemory.c:193
#9  0xdda1c97c in wsiMemAllocate (nSize=152,
    pszFileName=0xdda32f5c "./src/Linux/wsimoduleLinux.c", nLine=48)
    at wsimemory.c:484
#10 0xdda1cf5f in wsiHandleAllocate (nSize=4,
    pszFileName=0xdda32f5c "./src/Linux/wsimoduleLinux.c", nLine=48)
    at wsimemory.c:846
#11 0xdda24ec5 in wsiModuleLoadA (pszModuleName=0xdd937008 "cimom", 
    phModule=0x8047794) at wsimoduleLinux.c:47
#12 0xdd93482e in getCWBEMServerIniFile () at src/utils.c:396
#13 0xdd934909 in get_Preferred_IPADDR () at src/utils.c:438
#14 0xdd934a7f in get_system_ip () at src/utils.c:514
#15 0x080510e5 in main (argc=2, argv=0x8047c58) at wsicimom.c:95

as an outline frame 15 calls GC_INIT(), it then calls into frame 14 
which tries to dlopen a libray. But before it does the dlopen is has to 
build a platform specific name (e.g. libXXX.so), so it is allocating 
memory for this string when we get the assert.

The program is multi-threaded, however; at the point of the assert we 
only have the primary thread running.

thank you

Jim Marshall
WBEM Solutions, Inc.

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