[Gc] win32_pthreads

Romano Paolo Tenca rotenca at telvia.it
Sat May 26 11:39:13 PDT 2007

Boehm, Hans ha scritto:
> I haven't had a chance to look at the patch yet, but this makes me
> suspicious that there is a mingw/win32_pthread internal lock that we
> should be acquiring before stopping the world, at least if we want
> GC_printf to work with the world stopped.  Of course, that may well be
> impossible, for example, because it may not be visible to clients ...
The thread native version uses the CRITICAL_SECTION GC_write_cs to 
arbitrate stop_world and GC_write, I think that the same should be done 
for pthreads.

But if the user is suspended inside a WriteFile, no arbitration will be 
done, so the stack debug print should be used with attention and 
decoupled from standard debug prints.

The last addition of the declaration of  GC_beginthreadex in gc.h 
require the inclusion of <stdint.h> under mingw.


Romano Paolo Tenca

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