[Gc] Re: Effective heap utilization

Alexander Petrossian (PAF) Alexander.Petrossian at teligent.ru
Thu Oct 11 07:26:29 PDT 2007

Ludovic Court?s @ Thursday, October 11, 2007 4:25:45 PM (Moscow time):
>> (or think about link-replacing the heuristics func)
LC> What do you have in mind?

There is function inside libgc that decides "should we get more memory from OS now?"
It's based on some metrics, and is very very tricky.

You may want to replace it with your own, if you'd be unhappy about it's guesses in your project.

(I don't recall exact name of it, but you'll easily spot it, if you'd need that)

Alexander Petrossian (PAF), Software Developer, Teligent Russia

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