[Gc] Problems with Free Microsoft Compilers

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Mon Apr 7 11:07:31 PDT 2008

My guess is that these things are really pulled in by msvc_dbg.c, which defines backtrace and backtrace_symbols, which in turn enables some heap debugging functionality.  You can probably remove rferences to that code by removing the Microsoft-specific definition of GC_HAVE_BUILTIN_BACKTRACE from gc.h, or refining the version test there.  That should allow you to not include msvc_dbg.c at all.  I'd certainly appreciate a patch that did the right thing in the Makefile, etc. to handle this case.


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> I downloaded gc-7.0 and am having some problems trying to get
> it to work with Visual Studio 2008 or the platform SDK 2003.
> For the freely distributed platform SDK 2003 there are a
> bunch of dependencies on some debug libraries odbc32.lib and
> perhaps odcpp32.lib, even for the release version.  These
> libraries are not normally distributed with the free
> versions.  Moreover Visual Studio 2008 seems to have a
> problem as well in that it generates some unsatisfied
> requests to the C runtime libraries and if I put the runtime
> libraries in the path it  fails to have some kind of manifest
> in it that would allow those libraries to load properly anyway.
> I suppose this means the 64 bit version will not work either
> on my windows platform.  Now I did try to edit the Makefile
> to remove odbc32.lib but it still seems to want to try to
> link to it for some reason.  Unfortunately it won't compile
> with my commercial version of MS
> VC++ 6.0 anymore either.
> That makes me SOL for now.
> -Matt
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