[Gc] Segfault in GC_mark_from in libgc 7.1 (released tarball)

Klaus Treichel ktreichel at web.de
Tue Aug 12 04:36:09 PDT 2008


i'm getting a segfault sometimes (in one program reproducible) in
GC_mark_from (mark.c line 796).

My configuration is SuSE Linux 11.0 on x86_64.
GCC 4.3.1 (prerelease) with some SuSE patches i guess.

What looks strange to me is that credit is negative at this point.
It shouldn't be negative if i read the OS/2 specific code correctly?

mark_stack and mark_stack_top seem to be correct.

I'll try to investigate this.

Are there any known issues with libgc and gcc 4.3?



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