[Gc] Segfault in GC_mark_from in libgc 7.1 (released tarball)

Klaus Treichel ktreichel at web.de
Tue Aug 12 07:26:42 PDT 2008


what i found out until now is:

1. limit is an inaccessible address 
(gdb) print limit
$26 = 0xb55010 <Address 0xb55010 out of bounds>

where 0xb54fff is accessible.

2. limit is in the range between least_ha and greatest_ha so the check
doesn't prevent the segfault.

3. limit == current_p + descr where descr == 0xb0 which looks like an
object size.

4. descr == mark_stack_top[-1].mse_descr >> 2  and current_p
== mark_stack_top[-1].mse_start

Someone has an idea?

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