[Gc] Crash in GC_realloc - HDR(h) NULL

Emmeran Seehuber rototor at rototor.de
Mon Aug 25 01:38:18 PDT 2008

Am Freitag, 22. August 2008 schrieb Boehm, Hans:
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> > hddr is NULL here. In which cases can HDR(h) return NULL?
> That should mean that h is not in the garbage-collected heap.
Ah thanks.

> My first suspicion would be that the object being reallocated is in fact
> not allocated with GC_MALLOC, but through some other means.  It would be
> good to check at the allocation site that this is in fact the pointer
> returned by the GC_MALLOC call, and that GC_find_header(returned pointer)
> gives you a non-null pointer to the block header at that point.

The offending class is a custom dynamic array implementation, which allows to 
allocate memory in different ways:

template<class T, bool containsPointer = true, bool collectable = true, bool 
useOnlySysMem = false>
class ArrayImpl

This class seems to work correctly in all cases .... -> I've now added some 
asserts to it, so that it expects a GC header when allocating, freeing and 
reallocating GC memory and expects hdr == NULL in all other cases. I`ll see 
if this asserts trigger.

> If that's OK, there's a more remote chance that the block containing the
> object has been entirely reclaimed, because the pointer was hidden from the
> collector, or the object was previously explcitly deallocated.  But in that
> case, I'd be surprised that you're only seeing this particular failure. 
> How large is the object that's involved here?

One time it crashed the array contained 200 pointers -> So the block given to 
GC_realloc had a size of 800 bytes. The other time it contained 800 pointers, 
so the size was 3200 bytes.


Emmeran Seehuber
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