[Gc] Compilation warnings with VC++ 2008

Henning Makholm Henning at octoshape.com
Mon Aug 25 06:11:02 PDT 2008

Christophe Meessen writes:

> You all see the change to get rid of warnings regarding use
> of unsafe c functions.
> It would be good to check this routines because they may indeed expose
> to buffer overflows and nasty things like that.

That's the ostensible purpose - in practice, Visual Studio tends to emit
these warnings whenever one uses portable functions from the standard C
library instead of Microsoft-specific alternative implementations. It's
basically an attempt to scare programmers into writing non-portable code.

In code such as the GC which is intended to be portable, the only sane
strategy is to ignore or turn off these "deprecation" warnings.

Henning Makholm
OctoShape ApS

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