[Gc] Re: small bugs

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Wed Aug 27 15:42:35 PDT 2008

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> "Hans Bohem" wrote:
> >> "Marco Maggi" wrote:
> >> * The  tutorial  on the  web  mentions a  "gc_local_alloc.h"
> >>   header file  that I  do not see  in GC  7.1 (I only  see a
> >>   "include/private/thread_local_alloc.h").
> >>
> >> * The tutorial  on the web  mentions a "--enable-full_debug"
> >>   configuration option,  but I see  only "--enable-gc-debug"
> >>   in the output of "configure --help".
> >I attempted to fix those in the doc directory in CVS.
> Sorry to be anal, but I still see both the wrong option and
> references to the wrong header file in the CVS checkout.
I had missed simple_example.html the first time around.  The others still mention these things, but they should now state what to do for which version of the GC.

If you still see a problem in one of the files, please let me know.  They should also now be on the web page.


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